Upon completion of accurate measurements, it only takes a few minutes to provide you with your quote, based on the products we recommend for your roof. 

​If you are not available to discuss the quote when it is completed, we leave you a copy and will follow up with you later that day.

Our quotes are accurate and have no hidden costs. We are honest and up-front about everything we notice on your roof and with the products we recommend.


​Top House Roofing will provide every customer with an enjoyable, professional, stress-free experience. We care about our employees, our customers, and everyones safety. We are committed to our standards of excellence and continuing to develop our great reputation as a fun, friendly, credible, professional business.


  • ​Product will be professionally delivered onto your roof

  • Removal and disposal of all existing roof material
  • Recycle your old shingles at the Lethbridge Landfill
  • ​Replace any damage to sheeting before we install
  • Install new drip edge metal on all eave and gable edges
  • Fully cover your entire roof surface with minimum 30# synthetic underlalayment
  • Install sanded deck base underlayment in valleys
  • Install new colour-matched valley metal
  • Install starter strip on all eave and gable edges
  • Install chosen product (shingles, metal panels, cladding, etc.)
  • ​Replace and add colour-matched vents and goosenecks
  • Replace plumbing collars
  • Replace metal flashings on walls, around chimneys and skylights
  • Full site cleanup and customer walk-through


Honesty and integrity to our customers and our team

​Excellent customer service

Quality control

Cleanliness of our team and our job site

Decision-making in the best interest of the integrity of your roof

Commitment to getting the job done right and on time


Serving Lethbridge and area



We enjoy our job and we have fun!

We create a safe work environment!

We stay true to our word!

​We care about you and your roof!

We work together to overcome obstacles!

We provide you with an excellent experience!

  • Re-roofs

  • Roof repairs

  • New roofs

  • Vent replacement and addition